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Precision-Driven Profits for Your Hospitality Venture

Our Revenue Optimization Hospitality team is dedicated to strategically pricing your hotels in line with market trends,

utilizing analytics, pace data, and historical insights to optimize your RevPAR to its fullest potential.

Revenue Optimization

Hybrid Sales Management


Capitalize on every opportunity with our Hybrid Sales for Hire team. 

Optimizing the financial performance of businesses in the hospitality industry is our speciality. 

Financial Optimization

Analyze market trends, demand patterns, and competitor pricing to adjust room rates and service prices in real time.

Dynamic Pricing

Use historical data and market analysis to predict future demand for rooms and services, which helps in planning and budgeting.


Manage room availability and allocation, ensuring that the hotel maximizes occupancy without overbooking.

Inventory Management

Continuously monitor market trends, competitor strategies, and economic factors that could affect hotel demand and pricing.

Market Analysis

Receive detailed reports and analytics on various performance metrics like revenue per available room (RevPAR), average daily rate (ADR), and occupancy rates, helping you to understand market position and make informed decisions.

Performance Reporting

Manage distribution channels, such as online travel agencies (OTAs), direct booking platforms, and third-party agents, to ensure wide and efficient reach to potential customers.

Distribution Strategy



Revenue Optimization

In this dynamic industry, success hinges on smart pricing strategies, informed by real-time market data, trend analysis, and customer insights. Our approach meticulously balances demand and supply, ensuring optimal room rates and maximizing occupancy. We delve deep into analytics, transforming numbers into lucrative opportunities, and tailor our strategies to your unique property's needs. With our expertise, your hotel or resort will not only navigate the complexities of market fluctuations with ease but also thrive, achieving enhanced revenue per available room (RevPAR) and a solid competitive edge. Let us guide your journey to financial excellence and operational efficiency, turning every challenge into a growth opportunity in the ever-evolving world of hospitality.

Hybrid Sales Management

Annual training for your hotel sales team is vital to keep pace with the rapidly evolving hospitality industry. It ensures that your team remains sharp, updated with the latest sales techniques and industry best practices. These sessions not only enhance performance by pinpointing areas for improvement but also deepen understanding of your hotel's offerings. Additionally, these sessions boost morale and motivation, positively impacting sales outcomes, and foster team cohesion, making them an invaluable team-building exercise. They also prepare your team to adeptly navigate the dynamic market trends, ensuring your hotel can adapt effectively and maintain a competitive edge. Overall, investing in annual sales management training is a proactive strategy to empower your team, driving sales, enhancing customer service, and achieving your hotel's business goals in this dynamic industry.

Smart Tools

A comprehensive hospitality revenue and hybrid sales management software designed to optimize pricing, maximize occupancy, and boost revenue for your properties.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

"Impressive results, smooth transition. RFHS transformed our hotel's sales strategy, making the process effortless and impactful."

General Manager - Courtyard/Fairfield Inn

"Exceeded expectations. RFHS understands the hospitality industry inside out, offering top-notch sales services." 

Owner - Homewood Suites

“Efficient and effective NextGen Hospitality Consultants delivers seamless hotel sales solutions with a touch of personalized excellence."

General Manager – SpringhillSuites


Isn't it time for your hospitality business to reach its apex?

Success is just around the corner.

Welcome to Focused Revenue Hospitality Solutions, a leading force in hospitality revenue management. At the core of our philosophy is a commitment to elevating the financial success of hotels and resorts worldwide. Our team of experts combines industry insight with cutting-edge analytics to deliver customized revenue strategies that resonate with market dynamics. We specialize in transforming data into actionable intelligence, optimizing pricing, and maximizing revenue per available room (RevPAR). Our approach is not just about numbers; it's about nurturing partnerships and understanding the unique narrative of each property we work with. We pride ourselves on being not just consultants, but strategic allies in your journey towards profitability and market leadership. With Focused Revenue, unlock the full potential of your hospitality business and pave the way for unparalleled success.

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